Nebraska becomes ground zero for abortion debate as Supreme Court weighs partial birth abortion ban

Bans have been struck down in some courts, upheld in others. The Supreme Court will settle the differences, and abortion opponents couldn't be happier.

Muslims concerned about growing relationship between Russian church and state

Vladimir Putin continues to make overtures to the Russian Orthodox Church. Should non-Orthodox be worried?

'Christianity Takes Hold in Cambodia,' reports Associated Press

Over the last 10 years, the number of Cambodian Christians has grown from 200 to an estimated 60,000. The number includes one of Cambodia's most infamous killers: Duch, director of the Khmer Rouge's central prison.

Christian leaders back Bush, saying he's 'one of us.'

Support has come from Tony Evans, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Ralph Reed, Richard Land, John C. Hagee, and Charles Colson, reports the New York Times. He's not the most conservative candidate, notes writer Laurie Goodstein, but Christian leaders believe he'll be truer to the conservative Christian movement than his father was.

Religions have different reasons for environmentalism, but most are 'greening' to some extent.

Where evangelicals and Pentecostals are becoming more environmental out of a sense of worshiping God, reports the Los Angeles Times, Jews are doing so to "redeem the land," African-American churches tend to do so out of a sense of justice, and Catholics are doing so out of an understanding of reconciliation.

Jesus' "Nativity Trail" now adventure travel

Organized Nazareth-to-Bethlehem journey "definitely not for package-tour fans," says the Boston Globe, which offered a special section on travel to Israel over the weekend, including a history of pilgrimages to Israel.

Musican Moby not sure he's a Christian after all

"I love Christ and the teachings of Christ, but I don't think of myself as a Christian," the techno artist tells The Irish Times.

Christian music star out of limelight to deal with pornography

Clay Crosse says he's been out of the Christian music industry for the last three years to deal with an attraction to pornography. He claims the addiction and recent vocal problems are related, but he doesn't know how.

Associated Press claims Baptists at it again

In an article titled "Baptists Seek to 'Convert' Mormons," (what are the quotation marks around convert for?) the Associated Press notes, "Two Southern Baptist congregations are preparing a crusade to teach their members how to convert 'cult' members, including Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses." So what's news? "Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses members objected to the congregations' plans," says the article. Really? (Interestingly, the article says a Jehovah's Witnesses leader didn't object to the label "cult.") Coming next from the AP: "Water Falls From Sky; Scientists say 'rain' makes things grow."

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