Milingo answers the "call to my home"
The Vatican announced Tuesday that Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo has notified the pope by letter that he is returning to the Catholic Church and leaving his newlywed wife. On May 27, Milingo started a controversy when he married a woman chosen for him by Unification Church founder Sun Myung Moon.

After an ultimatum from the Vatican to leave his wife and renounce Moon, Milingo met privately with the Pope last Monday. Since then, he has not been seen in public. The Vatican has not released information on Milingo's whereabouts but said he is on a prayer retreat.

On Monday, the pope received Milingo's letter, which read: "I now rededicate my life to the Catholic Church with all my heart, I renounce my life together with (wife) Maria Sung and my dealings with Rev. Moon and his Family Federation for World Peace."

Milingo's wife is certain the Vatican is holding Milingo against his will, and has begun fasting. She plans to starve herself to death unless the Vatican releases him. She told reporters Tuesday that she might be pregnant.

Bylaw could affect Lutheran-Episcopal pact
The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Churchwide Assembly concluded yesterday in Indianapolis. In addition to the decision discussed in yesterday's Weblog to study homosexuality, the chief legislative body of the church also passed a controversial bylaw on Saturday, which could disrupt relations with the Episcopal Church.

The amendment will, in "unusual circumstances," allow pastors to be ordained without a bishop. The authority to preside at an ordination could be delegated to another pastor. This bylaw substantially changes the "Called to Common Mission" (CCM) agreement with the Episcopal Church. Under the pact, bishops ...

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