ECFA criticized in homeless ministry investigation
As the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and television station KDKA continue their investigation into homeless charity Light of Life Ministries, the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) is also coming under fire. Initial reports in July by the two media organizations accused Light of Life of mismanagement, overspending on fundraising, exaggerating how many homeless people it serves, nepotism, and other ills. The ministry's board immediately requested an investigation from ECFA—but the Post-Gazette says the self-described "Christian Better Business Bureau" was the wrong choice and dropped the ball. "The … ministry has been a member of ECFA, like other Christian nonprofit social service organizations, for the last 12 years," notes an editorial today. "And ECFA's first executive director, Olan Hendrix, is a paid management consultant to Light of Life. With such close ties, how could the mission get a hard, unbiased look at how it runs its service? … ECFA's five-page public statement summarizing its 'compliance review' of Light of Life is an exercise in damage control. After making perfunctory acknowledgment of the mission's problems, the statement ultimately spins away from sharp criticism of its member." The editorial continues, describing what the ECFA report included, and—more importantly—what it left out. The Post-Gazetteis hitting this story pretty hard, and one would expect the ECFA to have a response to this kind of criticism, so readers can expect more to come.

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