Whatever Happened to God? (Feb. 1, 2001)
Dr. Bloesch's article was a tremendously insightful one into the inadequacies of our worship services, and the presence of self-ism in churches today. Great job.

This most excellent article, along with your equally excellent feature article last month on the subject of the ancient rites of prayer, resonated with many increasingly frustrated Evangelicals. Lord help us, in retrieving lost traditions of worship that are more meaningful than we had realized in our past and stand in noble contrast to often shallow substitutions. I look forward to further exploration in this regard. Thanks again.

The Deliverance Debate (Jan. 29, 2001)
I am a Christian psychiatrist with twelve years of clinical experience. I use Theophostic ministry in my practice, have received Theophostic ministry as a part of my own healing, and also train others in this technique/ministry method. I have found Theophostic to be more effective than any other technique/approach to ministry that I have seen or experienced. My observation is that this technique does result in significant and lasting clinical improvement in a number of mental health conditions (I now have clients with two years of careful follow-up indicating sustained benefit). I appreciated your article in the February 2001 issue of Christianity Today, although I think the article overemphasizes the focus on dealing with demonic spirits."

I am a therapist who uses Theophostic counseling. I've been doing it for nearly 3 years. It is as good as the article states. When done correctly, Jesus shows up and healing does occur. Healing occurs in that memory but it doesn't heal the person instantly of all their maladies. After you try this method you do not go back ...

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