As a Christian publisher, we are grieved that private accusations made against one of our authors was directed to us in a public forum. We value our long-standing relationship with Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo. That is why we feel compelled to thoroughly investigate and review any charge made against them or any Multnomah author. Our method of review begins with:
  1. Obtaining information from all legitimate parties
  2. Evaluating the information as it pertains to Multnomah's relationship with the author
  3. Discussing all charges and accusations with our authors and then
  4. Determining if there is sufficient reason to separate or affirm our relationship with our author.

By undertaking such a task, we are not impugning guilt on the author nor validating the merits of any charge. Rather we are attempting to act prudently by fulfilling the biblical injunction of hearing all sides of a matter before acting. Our review is still in-process and we continue in our publishing relationship with Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo. Further, in light of recent public statements, we feel compelled to clarify that the statements, beliefs and positions of Jeff Gerke do not necessarily represent the views, beliefs or positions of Multnomah.

Don Jacobson is president of Multnomah Publishers.

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