Muslims attack Christians in Uganda
Only 6 percent of the Ugandan population is Muslim, says Operation World, but the book notes that "there has been a rise in Islamist extremism" as "Arab states have poured large sums of money into education."

According to common practice in Pallisa, Uganda, only Muslims slaughter animals for sale. But evangelist Umar Mulinde told local Christian butchers they shouldn't defer to the tradition — after all, he reportedly said, there was no law saying only Muslims can butcher animals.

When Christians started buying meat from Christian butchers instead of Muslim ones, Muslim activists turned violent. "Muslims reacted and burnt butcheries," police commander Phinehas Arinaitwe told The Monitor of Kampala. "We arrested three of them and they have been prosecuted." Arinaitwe also confirmed that there's no law prohibiting Christians from being butchers.

Christians attack Muslims in Malawi
Christians attacked a mosque in Nthawira, Malawi, reports Channel Africa. Roman Catholic priest Bernard Tiyesi told the news service that a group called the Apostles started preaching against the Qur'an in a market square. Muslims got upset, and violence broke out.

Ugandan imam: Night prayers spread AIDS
Sheikh Mohammed Senjala, the imam of Muslim community in Kamwokya, Uganda, told his local congregants that night prayers are a major contributor to the spread of AIDS, reports The Monitor. "Children escape from their homes; how are they protected from the many activities that take place during the night prayers?" he said in his AIDS Day address. He says the kids aren't praying — they're having sex.

The Monitor's story is only three paragraphs long, but don't be deceived: it's short because the story is so complicated. ...

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