Four dead, 30+ injured at Christian concert
A concert featuring the German-Zairian Christian band Makoma (English machine translation) resulted in a massive stampede that killed four and injured more than 30 in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo.

"Troops fired shots to allow the singers to leave first as thousands of people were already pushing to leave through the stadium's only exit, which led to shoving and trampling," said a witness. The shots sent panic through the crowd, and further panicked the crowd.

The concert was sponsored by the Congolese Rally for Democracy, a Rwanda-backed rebel movement than began fighting the government in 1998 and now controls much of the country.

Harvard challenges InterVarsity chapter
Chapters of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship have been challenged at several schools lately, so it's not terribly surprising that Harvard University's Undergraduate Council is facing a challenge over whether the group should receive support. But at the other schools, the challenge has come over whether the organization discriminates against homosexuals, and thus violates university anti-discrimination policies. At Harvard, it's still about the school's anti-discrimination policy — but this time, critics complain that only Christians can lead the Christian organization.

"The sense of the [Committee on College Life] on this matter was quite clear: student groups should not discriminate for membership or in the choice of officers," Associate Dean of the College David P. Illingworth told The Harvard Crimson. "I have let the [Harvard-Radcliffe Christian Fellowship] know of this opinion. I have offered to work with them to develop constitutional changes which would bring them into compliance."

"We were very surprised," ...

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