Have they checked the church lost and found? Always lots of Bibles there.
"Borders on alert after theft of rare Bible" says a headline in the Chicago Tribune. Why would Borders have a rare Bible? Doesn't it only sell mass-market books and CDs? Turns out the story is actually about Hungary. A copy of the 1590 Vizsoly Bible, the first full Hungarian translation, was stolen from a Protestant church. Only 20 of them exist in the world, and one sold last November for about $100,000. Is there a rash of rare Bible thefts? This is the second such story Weblog has seen in a week. A 1478 Koberg Bible, estimated to be worth about $1.1 million, was stolen from a town council safe in Scotland. Apparently someone took it at least eight years ago, but its disappearance is only now public.

Bibles may be safe at Borders, but over at the Virgin megastore, it's a different story. Chicago Sun-Times religion writer Cathleen Falsani noted that the local emporium has lots of spirituality titles:

Six copies of Awakening the Buddha Heart … three copies of The Celtic Tree Oracles … dozens of books about Buddhism—including something called The Buddhist Bible … at least a dozen books by the Dalai Lama alone. … Six copies of How to Use the I Ching. Four copies of Oprah guru Gary Zukav's Soul Stories. Two copies each of The Illustrated Rumi and Instant Zen. The Celtic Book of Living and Dying, The Egyptian Book of the Dead, The Tibetan Book of the Dead and Essential Sufism. One copy of the Muslim holy book, the Quran … and a whole other section altogether on the occult.

But no Bible. Nothing, in fact, on Christianity. "I guarantee you that if all the Christian churches in the United States started reading the Dalai Lama, he would disappear from the spirituality ...

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