With thousands of other people commenting on yesterday's Supreme Court decision allowing school vouchers and Wednesday's 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision banning the Pledge of Allegiance, you don't need any more commentary from Weblog (Actually, just finding all these stories took so long this morning that there's no time left to write.) Those aren't the only big stories going on, either—keep scrolling down for more.

Voucher decision news and reaction:

Voucher decision analysis:

  • The battleground shifts | The ruling would seem to hold at least the potential of a turnaround for a movement that has attracted an unusual assortment of advocates—from conservatives to religious leaders to parents in urban minority neighborhoods to a sitting president of the United States—but that has seemed in danger of drifting off the horizon (The New York Times)

  • Voucher backers see opening for a wider agenda | Legislators around the country are likely to begin exploring ways of spending money previously reserved for public education (The New York Times)

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