New Zealand government body wants Christian videos on homosexuality banned
In January, Weblog noted a few occurrences in which some critics and agencies sought to censor several films made by Christians. Now comes a more egregious example. A committee of the New Zealand parliament, wants to ban Christian films because they're critical of homosexuality.

The committee was critical of a 2000 decision by the Court of Appeal of New Zealand that allowed the distribution of two 1989 videos from the American company Jeremiah Films, calling them "hate speech" in violation of the country's Human Rights Act. Since the court supported the films, the parliamentary committee wants the law changed so that Christian films critical of homosexual practice can be forbidden.

The films don't appear to be the kind that will win many awards (or, for that matter, converts). Still, as Stephen Franks of the libertarian group ACT New Zealand tells The Dominion Post, "A vibrant free society needs robust debate on every issue. Censorship is justified when it is about putting age ratings on films or stopping child pornography but not when it tries to close down debate on issues that people feel strongly about."

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