9th Circuit Court of Appeals takes district to school on religious literature

Joseph Hills, who ran a Christian nonprofit organization called A Little Sonshine from Arizona, wanted to offer kids a summer camp. Students could take classes in camping, gymnastics, golf, Spanish, or other courses. Among the 19 offerings were two on the Bible: Bible Heroes and Bible Tales. A brochure describing the classes was clearly religious in nature, though it specified that they were "non-denominational in nature. All faiths are welcome." Here's what it said about Bible Tales:

Guys and Gals! Did you know that if a child does not come to the knowledge of JESUS CHRIST and learn of the importance of Bible reading by the age 12, chances are slim that they ever will in this life? We think it is important to start as young as possible! We will Sing, Act, Dance and Relive some [of] the Greatest stories ever told! And maybe … we'll even have a surprise visit from Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber, the award winning "VeggieTales" guys! (so much for the surprise!)

Here's the description of the Bible Heroes class:

Did you know … some of the greatest people who ever lived never had a home-run record? Never flew a plane or rode a train? Never starred in a motion picture (except Moses), and still do not have a Monday holiday named after them? It's true! Come, take an adventurous ride back into time with us, and learn about some ordinary people whose faith in GOD helped them accomplish extraordinary things! Remember Noah? Just how does a man build a boat that big? And Moses … he gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "You da Man!" We will explore Bible heroes from both the Old and New Testaments, and of course we will learn about our Greatest example ...
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