For those wondering if this column has become merely The Passion Chronicle, here's some news: Starting this week, The Passion of The Christ is no longer the top story.

This week, the spotlight falls on a Stephen King adaptation and two films about secret agents. This may seem like a plunge from profound into predictable, but religious press reviewers are finding much worth discussing in these films.

Depp's worth seeing in Secret Window

Stephen King has written several horror stories about writers (The Shining, Misery), and adaptations of these stories have given some of Hollywood's finest actors opportunities to do excellent work. With the release of Secret Window, critics are applauding the performance of Johnny Depp as a writer wrestling with personal demons.

While most mainstream critics are quick to point out that this is not one of King's best works, some religious press critics are finding some valuable lessons in the story. "Depp is the best actor in Hollywood," says Annabelle Robertson (Crosswalk), "and his performance … is positively inspired." She adds that the film shows "that evil is not only frighteningly real, but something that must be avoided at all cost. The film also demonstrates the high cost of marital infidelity and the kind of evil that can be unleashed when we choose to follow our sinful desires."

Jeff Diaz (The Film Forum) says, "The plotline is a variation on the common 'your-sins-will-find-you-out' theme with a not too inspired twist. Therefore at times it feels like a well-worn coat … comfortable but rather shabby. And being that it is a well-worn plot you figure out the end way before you need to … hence leaving you with watching the inevitable happen like a slow train coming down ...

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