Would you be interested in a movie about an abortionist? Many will likely avoid Mike Leigh's film Vera Drake when they hear about its subject matter. Perhaps they assume the film is merely a propaganda piece for defenders of abortion. If they knew that Christian film critics would come forward celebrating it as "one of the best films of this year," perhaps they would give it a chance.

"Mike Leigh's … outdone himself with Vera Drake," says Stefan Ulstein (Christianity Today Movies). "[It's] the best film Leigh has made and one of the best films of this year. Imelda Stanton … turns in the performance of a lifetime. Some films succeed because of an incisive and compelling script, or brilliant performances. Others capture a mood or time so flawlessly that we forget we're watching a movie. Still others give us a new way to look at difficult issues—including those issues on which we already have firm convictions. Vera Drake excels in all of these. It's a seamless vision, executed by a master filmmaker. In a hopelessly polarized debate, [Leigh] allows us all to see real people involved in real situations. It is a film that will keep people on either side of the abortion debates talking. Perhaps they will even talk to one another."

Harry Forbes (Catholic News Service) praises Staunton, the cast, the screenplay, and the director. "Leigh is careful not to make any of the authority figures … villains. As this small, feisty, utterly ordinary woman, Staunton gives an indelible performance. Tremendous as she is … the entire cast is simply superb. As for the abortion theme, the procedure isn't glorified in any way. The director leaves conclusions to the viewer, many of whom are likely to note that there ...

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