Consider the story of Halle Berry, who gained fame as one of the big screen's most striking beauties in several supporting roles. Then, she played a troubled, lonely woman in a film with the word "monster" in the title (2001's Monster's Ball)—a performance that won her an Oscar. Berry followed up that monster performance by pulling on some tight leather in the lead role for one of 2004's biggest letdowns—Catwoman, a disposable comic book movie. Bad career move. She hasn't had a significant leading role at the movies since.

And now it's happened again. Charlize Theron, Oscar-winner for Monster, is the lead in Aeon Flux, a Matrix-like sci fi adventure that co-stars Frances McDormand. Fortunately for Theron, her lead role in the recent North Country helped establish that she was not a one-performance wonder. But you have to question why she signed on for a film with a script as bad as this.

"If anyone wants proof that good roles are hard to find, even for actresses who have won the highest praise possible from their colleagues, then they need look no further than this movie," writes Peter T. Chattaway (Christianity Today Movies). "Aeon Flux is one of those films that is so lackluster, the studio refused to show it to critics in advance—figuring, perhaps correctly, that reviews wouldn't make a difference to fans of the original show anyway. Unless, of course, those reviews were to convince those fans that the film had betrayed the show, in which case the reviews would make the wrong sort of difference, from the studio's point of view."

Steven Isaac (Plugged In) says it's "not a terrible movie. It's just so normal by today's sci-fi standards that it doesn't stand out with its visuals or its message. It briefly ...

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