Mindhunters is not a particularly good film, but it's the sort of movie that you might enjoy watching in a dorm with your college buddies. The film is about several FBI trainees who are left alone on an island as part of their training in the Bureau's psychological profiling program, and who then discover that one of them is a bona fide serial killer. As the trainees are bumped off one by one, they must now apply their training to each other, to figure out which of them is the mastermind behind these deaths. The story keeps you guessing as to the killer's identity—a character played by one of the film's bigger stars is bumped off fairly early, which is always guaranteed to keep audiences on their toes—and the victims die in creatively gruesome ways. While that last detail is perhaps not the sort of thing Christian critics ought to applaud, I was reminded of how my Bible school buddies and I used to get a kick out of smart, violent B-movies like John Carpenter's remake of The Thing.

The film is directed by Renny Harlin, who is best known for Die Hard 2 and was last seen in these parts when he reshot last summer's Exorcist prequel practically from scratch; the original director, Paul Schrader, had failed to give the studio the bloody and sadistic horror show that they had been hoping for, so Harlin was called in to make things a little more grisly. Mindhunters was actually filmed before all that, and it is easily the better film, but for some reason it was withheld from theatres in its home country, while it spent the past year and then some touring various European, Asian and Middle Eastern territories.

The film's here now, though, and in a year marked by high-profile disappointments, it's kind of reassuring to ...

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Our Rating
2 Stars - Fair
Average Rating
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Mpaa Rating
R (for violence/strong graphic images, language, and sexual content)
Directed By
Renny Harlin
Run Time
1 hour 46 minutes
Eion Bailey, Clifton Collins Jr., Will Kemp, Val Kilmer
Theatre Release
May 13, 2005 by Dimension Films
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