When I told a friend that I'd been assigned to write a review of Wordplay, and then explained that it's a documentary about the world of crossword puzzles, she looked at me with empathy—as if I were going in for a root canal. So sorry. Good luck with that. I mean this is a documentary. About crossword puzzles. Talk about a six-letter word for snooze-worthy starting with the letter B.

But if we've learned anything in recent years from those plucky penguins and all those spelling and salsa-dancing middle-schoolers, it's that documentaries have undergone an extreme makeover of late. If the movie industry were the world of fashion, documentaries would be the new black. And Wordplay would be a fabulous little black dress.

Wordplay opens at the 28th Annual American Crossword Puzzle Tournament in Stanford, Connecticut. For neophytes like myself, finding out that puzzle aficionados actually gather once a year to competitively complete puzzles in real time seems amusing. But then we meet some of the major players, and their quirk and passion starts to win us over.

Chief among these major players is Will Shortz, the man who launched the tournament and edits the granddaddy of the sport: The New York Times crossword puzzle. Shortz is a god among puzzlers. Like Bill Gates or Tiger Woods, he not only excels at his craft, he helped put it on the map. Shortz has been making puzzles since he was eight, and sold his first one at 14. He even majored in enigmatology, the study of puzzles, a course of study he created himself at Indiana University.

Early in the film, Shortz reads us his mail at the Times, in which people alternately praise him and call him "sick, sick, sick" for bending their minds so. It's wildly entertaining—both for ...

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Mpaa Rating
PG (for some language and mild thematic elements)
Directed By
Patrick Creadon
Run Time
1 hour 34 minutes
Will Shortz, Ken Burns, Jon Stewart
Theatre Release
July 21, 2006 by IFC Films
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