Thank you to our readers and stumble-upon visitors for making the first month of the CT women's blog a success! Here are the top 10 posts you read and responded to since Her.meneutics launched on Thursday, April 2:

(ten) "Your Responses: AIDS in Uganda," by LaVonne Neff // Comments: 72
Part Two of 'Meanwhile, What about the Women and Children?'

(nine) "Beware! Dangerous Women," by Lynne Hybels // Comments: 5
They might just step up and do something.

(eight) "eHarmony Launches Gay Dating Site," by Sarah Pulliam // Comments: 32
The company agreed to launch Compatible Partners after a user had filed a complaint, citing New Jersey's discrimination law.
(seven) "Strip-Searched Girl Heads to Supreme Court," by Katelyn Beaty // Comments: 9
How far can a public school go in an anti-drug campaign without violating students' rights to privacy?

(six) "Breast-feed - If You Can Afford To," by LaVonne Neff // Comments: 19
Judith Warner's April 2 New York Times op-ed piece, "Ban the Breast Pump," was sure to stir up a hornet's nest.

(five) "Going Undercover to Expose Planned Parenthood," by Sarah Pulliam // Comments: 18
Lila Rose's pro-life activism may be breaking state privacy laws. But does it matter?

(four) "Is There Such a Thing as Too Many Children?" by Elrena Evans // Comments: 21
Questions linger as last of Nadya Suleman's octuplets heads home.

(three) "Puppies Aren't People," by Kay Warren, guest blogger // Comments: 79
When compassion for animals goes too far.

(two) "Why Do We Love Susan Boyle?" by Sarah Pulliam // Comments: 18
She's become a YouTube sensation, but why do we love her so much?

(one) "The Other Miss California Controversy," by Katelyn Beaty // Comments: 81
Carrie Prejean might have stood up for Christian sexual ethics by skipping the Miss USA pageant altogether.