Style: The layered worship style of Hillsong United meets the laid-back folk feel of Jon Foreman.

Top tracks: "All Around" "Take What's Left of Me" and "We Can Be Renewed"

In a nutshell: Tooth & Nail is a label known for finding the new and the different, and The Glorious Unseen fit perfectly into their family. On their second full-length album, this worship band mashes up the layered instrumentation of Hillsong United, with the understated production of a Jon Foreman record. Each instrument floats in a pool of reverb, and harmonies drift subtly in the background. The candid lyrics and engaging voice of Ben Crist also help make this a band that's leading worship music into its future. The only downside of this album is the tendency of each song to run into the other, and they all sound a little too similar.

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The Hope That Lies in You
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4 Stars - Excellent
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Release Date
August 25, 2009
BEC Recordings
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