Style: Ethereal rock

Top tracks: "Hills of Indigo Blue," "Set Your Sails," "So Close, So Far"

Over the years, Future of Forestry has traced its Something Like Silas roots to a similar vein of thoughtful worship and now, a more esoteric trio of themed EPs: Travel I, II, and III (coming later). On this second installment, gifted songwriter Eric Owyoung is again in fine form with poetic reflections on the topic of travel; listeners can feel the journey in six spare, melodic songs. The tracks have a dreamy, Beatles-esque quality, dotted with buoyant choruses like "Set Your Sails" and meditative rock landscapes where it's easy to get lost among the "Hills of Indigo Blue." A beautifully crafted tribute to universal wanderlust, Travel II makes passengers eager for the next stop on the journey.

Travel II
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4½ Stars - Excellent
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Release Date
September 9, 2009
Credential Rec.
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