Style: Acoustic rock; compare to Andrew Peterson, Bebo Norman, and Derek Webb

Top tracks: "Streets of Gold," "God's Hometown," "Family"

Let's call Derek Webb the secret sauce of Caedmon's Call. The prolific solo artist returns on this eclectic release, mainly as producer and songwriter. Aptly titled, Raising Up the Dead is not as folksy or upbeat as 2007's stellar Overdressed. Yet songs are more mature, tackling issues such as our definition of the family and using edgier mixing techniques ("God's Hometown" makes the drums sound like they are in a closet). This is still the old Caedmon's, though. Brilliant harmonies abound on "Streets of Gold"—the song even mentions Houston!—as do themes about missional living (e.g., "Walk in wise, leave a fool … sometimes a beggar has more to say" from the opening track). (Note: The album is exclusively available on the band's website—in digital form now, and on Sept. 14, with only 1,000 copies—signed and numbered—available on CD.)

Raising Up the Dead
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4 Stars - Excellent
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Release Date
March 22, 2011
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