Style: The new quirky pop sound of groups like Feist, Ingrid Michaelson and Joy Williams

Top tracks: "Top Priority," "Garbage In," "Swing Song"

Hailing from a Christian household in Maine, singer/songwriter sisters Tal and Acacia never sat down and decided to be musicians. "It just happened," they say. Well, their organic beginning and nearly identical voices make for a refreshing pop sound on their debut album Wake Me. Their quirky lyrics, sporadic instrumentation, and unique voices give songs like "Top Priority" and "Garbage In" a captivating new sound for the Christian market. The album begins to fall flat toward the end, and some of their ideas could use some fleshing out. Even so, Tal & Acacia are a talented duo with a sound we have been waiting to hear from Christian artists.

Wake Me
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3 Stars - Good
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Release Date
January 26, 2010
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