Style: Musically rich pop with playful twists and turns; compare to The Beauty Pill, Derek Webb

Top tracks: "I'm Gonna Love You," "Tools in The Garage"

Sonically, the eighth studio album by this husband-and-wife duo (along with a variety of musically-inclined friends) is one of their strongest efforts yet. Don and Lori Chaffer have earned their stripes in the studio adding all manner of bells and whistles, programmed beats, and post-production luster to their blues-enriched pop. Lyrically, the Chaffers play fast and loose with their ideas, laying out their themes of redemption, human weakness, and spiritual uplift in big block letters lest there be any confusion in their meaning. It allows for easy access, but feels a little off-putting when combined with such musical grandeur.

In The Middle of It
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3 Stars - Good
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Release Date
December 1, 2009
Hey Ruth, Inc.
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