Style: Slow-core; compare to Damien Jurado, Spiritualized, Yo La Tengo

Top tracks: "Especially Me," "You See Everything," "Try To Sleep"

Alan Sparhawk's work in Retribution Gospel Choir proves that he is capable of writing upbeat rock songs, but he chooses to keep the tempo consistently slow and patiently steady with Low. Since 1993 Sparkhawk and his wife Mimi Parker have crafted indie rock lullabies together. C'mon is particularly dreamy, especially songs like "Nightingale" and "Try to Sleep." There is less religious imagery here than past Low albums, but the highlight of the C'mon is in "Especially Me" when Parker's voice crescendos with swells of violins and dense guitar distortion, "We all need the truth, especially me, and probably you. Definitely you."

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4 Stars - Excellent
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Release Date
April 1, 2011
Sub Pop
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