Style: Ethereal choral music; compare to Sigur Ros, Volcano Choir, Brian Eno

Top tracks: "White Flag," "Bob in Your Gait," "Flown"

Barwick's Asthmatic Kitty debut is filled with layer upon layer of her gossamer soprano, looped and cloaked in reverberations that evoke a hulking cathedral. Inspired by the a capella hymns she grew up singing, Barwick focuses on sounds more than decipherable words, accompanying her lofty voice with tinkles of piano here, touches of bass and synth there. Certain tracks are truly gorgeous, though at times songs would benefit from something a little more solidified to emerge from the choral fog. Still, part of The Magic Place's appeal is getting lost in a haze of groanings too deep for words.

The Magic Place
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3 Stars - Good
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Release Date
February 1, 2011
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