Style: Subtly programmed adult pop; compare to Martha Munizzi, Natalie Grant, Rebecca St. James

Top tracks: "Plain & Simple," "I Am," "I Know You Are the One"

Aside from a few specialty projects released under the radar, Lewis—one of Christian music's biggest voices in the late '90s—has remained relatively quiet over the last decade. But returning to the CCM ranks with a new studio project, the pop-rock soulster musters up the same adult pop energy that flavored Beauty for Ashes and Gold, significant sellers from her blockbuster era. Entrusting various aspects of the recording to her husband and kids, Plain is a full-fledged family affair. Lyrically her gospel core stays strong, but the poetic grace of aforementioned efforts is missing. Even so, Lewis fans should be grateful for new original tunes.

Plain and Simple
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3 Stars - Good
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Release Date
June 8, 2011
Metro One
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