Style: Hard rock with a tinge of southern grit, like Lifehouse or MercyMe

Top Tracks: "Say What You Believe" "Love So Beautiful" and "Give You Peace"

Echoing Angels' self-titled sophomore release is surprisingly uplifting considering that in the past year their manager died, and they parted with their former label. Tracks like "Say What You Believe" and "Burnin' Through the City" are upbeat, full force rock songs with layers of distorted and crunchy guitars. Other tunes display a less heavy feel with lush harmonies and singable melodies. Piano ballad "Give You Peace," co-written by singer-songwriter Sara Groves, adds some needed diversity to this release, which otherwise carries with a slightly too familiar sound in today's CCM market.

Echoing Angels
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2 Stars - Fair
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Release Date
March 22, 2011
Ent. One Music
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