Style: Worship/rock; compare to FFH, Francesca Battistelli, Steven Curtis Chapman

Top tracks: "One True God," "Love Is the Medicine," "The Way You Smile"

NewSong is going through the motions again. On One True God, painfully clichéd Christianese lyrics drown an album already loaded with forgettable pop hooks and melodies. On the bridge of "Between the Cross and Crown," overdramatic strings swell while a gravelly voice bellows "Hallelujah." Francesca Battistelli making a perplexing guest appearance for the only song on the album that isn't about Jesus. And then "God is my Father, and he really loves me" serves as the chorus for "Why Worry?" That lyric alone is reason enough.

One True God
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2 Stars - Fair
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Release Date
May 17, 2011
HHM Records
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