Style: Melodic worship rock; compare to Addison Road, Jeremy Camp, Mainstay

Top tracks: "Worn," "You Do All Things Well," "Strangers Here"

In lesser hands, the dynamism that runs through the best songs by Tenth Avenue North would be blasting in your face, rattling the windows, and downright forcing you to pay attention. What this Florida quintet proves again on its sixth full-length is that a subtler approach can often leave the bigger impression. And in that respect, TAN have crafted their strongest album to date. These songs of struggle and redemption are melodically complex, often beautiful (much credit should be given to keyboardist Brendon Shirley on that front), and spiritually rich. It's a tough balance for any band to maintain, but Tenth Avenue North manages it with ease and grace.

The Struggle
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4 Stars - Excellent
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Release Date
August 21, 2012
Legacy Recordings
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