Style: Post-hardcore folk, compare to Modest Mouse, Aaron Strumpel, The Mountain Goats

Top tracks: "Grist for the Malady Mill," "Aubergine," "Cardiff Giant"

mewithoutYou fully embraces its literary leanings with the anthropomorphic fiction of Ten Stories. The rollicking narrative kicks off in "February, 1878" with a circus train wreck, then follows the escaped animals through physical, philosophical, and theological wanderings. The gnostic tiger, hedonistic owl, prophetic fox, and others move the introspective material past navel-gazing to insightful pondering about the cycles of human life. The musical journey strikes a brilliant balance between the gentler neofolk of It's All Crazy! … and earlier post-hardcore pounding. Aaron Weiss' unique vocals range from raucous yawping to mumbling to melodic crooning. Get out your dictionary to go deep, or just hang on for an entertaining ride.

Ten Stories
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4 Stars - Excellent
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Release Date
May 15, 2012
Pine Street
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