We're changing our approach to comments at Christianity Today.

At their best, online comments sections sustain vibrant, respectful, and diverse conversations. That's true on some of our own blogs and channels, we're happy to say. But too often, our efforts to carefully and thoughtfully report on controversial subjects have been swamped by comments that do not reflect the mutual respect and civil conversation we want to promote.

Therefore, our news and feature coverage will no longer feature comment threads. The blogs we host and specific channels like Her.meneutics will continue to feature comments at their writers' and editors' discretion.

This doesn't mean we're ending the discussion. In fact, our decision to close comments on these articles is largely driven by pleas from our subscribers and readers to do so. We're eager to continue talking with you on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, and other outlets. And we read every email you send us (our main address is cteditor@christianitytoday.com).