Church in Action

Faith Equals Action
To White House Fellow Adam Taylor, the math is simple.
Trees Of Life
How Floresta integrates development discipleship, and creation care overseas.
A Different Kind of Neighbor
Derek Webb and Sandra McCracken embrace the streets of inner-city Nashville.
Beauty Will Rise
Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman are making overseas adoption more affordable.
Less Charity, More Justice
Sara Groves changes her strategy to spotlight Rwanda's people.
Clean Water, Clean Blood
Jars of Clay is well on the way to bringing fresh water to 1,000 African communities.
Saving Witches in Kolwezi
Accused of witchcraft by parents and churches, children in the Democratic Republic of Congo are being rescued by Christian activists.
Feeding Hope Under a Rogue Regime
Christian outreach to North Koreans helps to keep millions from starving.
A City of Angels for the Homeless
How one church in the nation's homeless capital is responding.
The Arms and Legs of the Church
JoeAnn Ballard on how Memphis's Neighborhood Christian Center treats the poor like family.
Youth with a Vision
The stories of two teens who have raised more than $1,000,000 for AIDS orphans in Africa.
Urban Orphans Learn to Farm
At the Lazarus Project, the list of prayer requests is long, but food comes first.
Servant Evangelism
How Luis Palau, thousands of volunteers, and a gay mayor are trying to transform Portland.
California Dreams
How one West Coast ministry reaps kingdom profits by planting businesses.
Trusted Guides
Texas Baptists want to help immigrants become citizens.
A New Day in Vietnam
How a little NGO is helping Christians gain more freedom in a country still plagued by human-rights abuses.
No Sick Child Left Behind
Southern Baptist leader says it's about time all U.S. children had health insurance.
Cleaning Up La Oroya
How American and Peruvian Christians teamed up when factory pollutants were poisoning children.
Grandpa John
A new generation of urban activists is shaped by John Perkins.
The Town that Loves Refugees
Christians in Utica, New York are resettling the world one displaced soul at a time.

Top Story June 16, 2024

Faithful Fathers
Faithful Fathers
Reports of the death of fatherhood have been greatly exaggerated. There are many good dads, like mine, quietly blessing their children.

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