Opinion Roundup

Died: Marcus Borg, Liberal Jesus Scholar and Friendly ProvocateurSubscriber Access Only
What evangelical scholars are saying about the theologian and his work.
A United Evangelical Response: The System Failed Eric GarnerSubscriber Access Only
What pastors, professors, and others are saying about the grand jury's decision not to indict.
After Election 2012: Living in the 'New Moral Landscape'Subscriber Access Only
A roundup of post-election buzz and responses.
Remembering Eugene NidaSubscriber Access Only
Bible translators discuss the legacy of the scholar who promoted dynamic equivalence theory.
Global Reactions to John Stott's DeathSubscriber Access Only
N.T. Wright, David Zac Niringiye, and others offer more reflection on the legacy of the worldwide leader.
Jennifer Knapp the Person and Jennifer Knapp the DebateSubscriber Access Only
Reaction to the singer's coming out from Denny Burk, Matthew Lee Anderson, Joe Carter, and Francis Beckwith
Arafat Seen As Hero and TerroristSubscriber Access Only
Yasser Arafat's death leaves many Christians with hope for future peace negotiations, but others fear chaos.
Communicating CommunicationSubscriber Access Only
A roundup from the National Communication Association's annual convention.
Methodists Divided on SplitSubscriber Access Only
Church leaders react to talk about division.
Speaking in CodeSubscriber Access Only
A roundup of the many anti-Da Vinci Code books from Christian publishers.
Was September 11 the Beginning of the End?Subscriber Access Only
Observers say geography and gravity of attacks have led to little prophecy speculation.
Christianity Today's 2020 Book Awards
Christianity Today's 2020 Book Awards
Our picks for the books most likely to shape evangelical life, thought, and culture.
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