Is Bernie Sanders Religious?
No. But he's deeply influenced by the modern Jewish experience.
The Wars Over Christian Beards
Church leaders have almost always faced off over pastors' shaving habits.
Persecuted (or Paranoid) at Work
Conservative Christians are more likely to say they're targeted.
A Flood of Arks
There's a boatload of efforts to create a full-scale replica of Noah's work.
The Sex Lives of Unmarried Evangelicals
80 percent of young unmarried evangelicals have had sex? Really?
The Way We Give Now
Christian ministries received $9.8 billion in cash donations in 2011. But which ones received most?
I Love You—I Just Don't Trust You
A new study finds a connection between trust and theology. An infographic.
Top 10 News Stories of 2012
The events, people, and debates of the past year that have shaped, or will significantly shape, evangelical life, thought, or mission.
The End of Nominal Protestantism
What does the rise of the religiously unaffiliated mean for the future of mainline denominations?
What to Watch For on Election Night
Important races, ballot initiatives, and exit poll questions.
The Spiritual Sex
Why are women better Christians than men?
Asian American Religiosity
A new survey's findings on the differences between Asians and Asian Americans.
How to Drive Out Demons
Results from a new survey of 170 self-professed North American exorcists.
Why Denomination Matters to Church Growth
A recent study suggests orthodoxy doesn't draw church crowds on its own.
Forced Out: Pastors' Fight and Flight
Research shows more than a quarter of pastors have been edged out of a church, regardless of denomination.
The Evangelistic Question That Died
Fewer people are thinking about whether they will go to heaven after death.
The Price of Religious Advocacy in D.C.
More religious groups are spending more money on political lobbying than ever before.
Infographic: How the Bible Feels
One of the most visual Scripture summaries to date.
Research: Rich God, Poor God
New studies are examining the relationship between religious attitudes and economic inequality.

Top Story April 24, 2024

Eco-anxiety Is Crippling Gen Z. How Can We Move Forward?
Eco-anxiety Is Crippling Gen Z. How Can We Move Forward?
Christians can disciple each other toward action, prayer, and hope.

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