Carl F.H. Henry

  • How We Got to the Equality Act
    How We Got to the Equality Act
    The LGBT movement was shaped by the animosity of populist evangelical rhetoric and tactics.
  • Christianity Today's Founder Was No Figurehead
    No Figurehead Founder
    To glimpse Graham's dynamic leadership style, look no further than his founding of Christianity Today magazine.
  • How I Almost Lost the Bible
    How I Almost Lost the Bible
    Had it not been for the first editor of CT, I likely would have gone the way of liberal scholar Bart Ehrman.
  • Why We Need a Beautiful Orthodoxy
    Why We Need a Beautiful Orthodoxy
    What we hope you see in every CT article.
  • Christianity and Scientific Concerns
    Christianity and Scientific Concerns
    Six evangelical scholars--including C. Everett Koop--in a panel discussion on technology and bioethics.
  • Carl Henry Was Right
    Carl Henry Was Right
    Christianity Today's first editor grasped what I as a young theologian failed to understand about church involvement in social justice.
  • Firm on the Fundamentals
    Carl Henry on Graham's contributions to evangelicalism.
  • Theologian Carl Henry, CT's first editor, would have been 100 today.
    How the Late Carl Henry Helped Invent Evangelicalism
    No one was more pivotal to the emerging movement than Carl F.H. Henry
  • Inside <em>CT</em>: Carl Henry's Dream
    Inside CT: Carl Henry's Dream
    Evangelicals are gaining respect among mainstream journalists, and that would have pleased Carl Henry.
  • The Carl Henry that Might Have Been
    Carl Henry will be remembered as someone who, in a confusing age, held forth the solid middle of a faith that fortifies the whole human person against the fraying ends of irrationalism and superstition.