Chances are, a child in your care at Sunday school, on the baseball diamond, or in the classroom has lost someone they loved. Research estimates that 1.5 million children in the U.S. will lose one or both parents by the age of 15. Almost 8 percent of children will lose a sibling during their childhood. Children suffer the loss of loved ones—parents, grandparents, siblings, classmates—just like adults do, but their experiences differ significantly from the adults around them.

Between their two families, Christianity Today’s editor-in-chief Daniel Harrell and author Clarissa Moll parent five children. In this episode of Surprised by Grief, they parse out the differences between childhood and adult grief. With honesty and vulnerability, Daniel and Clarissa talk about parenting children through loss and what our children can teach us about resiliency in the face of tragedy. Whether you’re a coach, teacher, or relative, this conversation highlights an often overlooked subject, offering encouragement and practical help. Our special guest, Abbie Abbott shares her story of losing her mother to lung cancer, a journey that prompted her to reflect on her mother’s own childhood grief experience.

Surprised by Grief is a production of Christianity Today.
Produced by Mike Cosper
Written by Daniel Harrell and Clarissa Moll
Edited and mixed by Mark Owens
Music by
The Porters Gate