We are all looking for a place to belong, whether it be in clubs at our schools or cliques at our workplaces. However, Texas-born rapper Tedashii knows firsthand that the “home-shaped holes” in our hearts are spaces that only God can truly fill. In this episode of Where Ya From? podcast from VOICES, Tedashii shares how Jesus took the passions that often made the artist stand out and turned them into a ministry and career.

Guest Bio

Known for his distinct, deep voice and versatile flow, Texas-born rapper Tedashii made his debut in 2005 as a member of the 116 Clique, a hip-hop group associated with Reach Records. Since then, he’s gone on to an acclaimed solo career—his 2014 album Below Paradise even debuted at No. 17 on the Billboard 200s albums chart. More recently, he’s launched his first podcast: The Dash.

Notes & Quotes

  • “All the while God was orchestrating the path, using football, using family, painful points, and moments in history to get me to this moment. Like I tell everybody, I went to Baylor to get saved, not to get a degree.”
  • “It’s not enough that you get to run around and share the gospel with your friends. They can reject that. But when you make public stances, it draws a line in the sand.”
  • “And now I think the music is both the thing that glorifies God and the way in which I choose to wield it is the thing that glorifies God.”
  • “Grief, in my opinion, is love persisting.”

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