We need to take care of all the parts of who we are. That includes not just our physical selves, but our mental wellbeing too. Dr. Christina Edmondson is here to share why it's crucial to treat ourselves—our whole selves—with dignity, love, and empathy. She discusses the importance of treating our mental health as significantly as our physical health; Black dignity and embracing her identity as a Black woman; and how we can learn to embrace and love our own identities.

Biography of Guest:

Christina Edmondson holds a Ph.D. in counseling psychology from Tennessee State University, an MS degree from the University of Rochester in family systems, and a bachelor's degree in sociology from Hampton University with an emphasis in race, class, and gender. For over a decade, Christina has served in various roles, including most recently as the Dean for Intercultural Student Development at Calvin University. A certified cultural intelligence facilitator, public speaker, and former mental health therapist, Christina is often contacted by churches to consult about leadership development, antiracism, and mental health issues. She is also one of the co-hosts of the Truth's Table podcast.

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