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The good news from Mexico

Chiapas expulsion of evangelicals halted.

Mexico City's decision to legalize abortion, and the local Roman Catholic reaction to that decision, is getting all kinds of press this week. But don't miss the other big religion story coming out of Mexico, which you're unlikely to see in your local paper. Compass Direct reports, "Local political bosses who had voted to expel 65 Christians from [the Chiapas town of Los Pozos] grudgingly signed an agreement yesterday to let the evangelicals stay in their homes. ... It remains to be seen, he added, whether the Los Pozos town bosses will follow through on the accord's stipulation that they restore water lines and electricity cut off from some evangelical families since January 30."

Evangelical pastor and attorney Esdras Alonso Gonzalez tells the religion watchdog news service that (in Compass's words) "the signing of the accord could prove to be a watershed moment in Mexican human rights in that it sets a precedent for state authority to head off conflicts before they fester into decades-old, major confrontations."

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