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The Tragic Injustice of the British Post Office Scandal, Explained
How a tech glitch ruined hundreds of lives … and what the Church of England is learning in the aftermath.
Jesus Remains in UK State Schools—in a Manger in the Nativity Play
British culture continues to act out the Christmas story even as fewer believe it.
Church of England Advances Plans to Bless but Not Affirm Same-Sex Couples
UPDATE: After Synod vote, services will soon be available on a trial basis.
Investigation: Mike Pilavachi ‘Used Spiritual Authority to Control People’
The Church of England concluded that the Soul Survivor founder engaged in spiritual abuse over four decades.
Britain’s ‘Soul Survivor’ Generation Grapples with Mike Pilavachi Scandal
Amid an investigation, Christians are wondering: Did a popular youth leader’s “vulnerability and self-deprecation” avert skepticism and accountability?
UK Coronation Remains Religious, Even if the Country Isn’t
With King Charles’s ceremony, Christians debate the theology of the monarchy and celebrate a unique opportunity for public witness.
In Britain, There’s More to the Day After Christmas than Boxing Day Sales
Churches observing St. Stephen’s Day retain the charitable roots of December 26.