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Appreciation for a pastor.

How often do we express appreciation for our castors beyond the Christmas traditions and handshakes after a sermon? Sometimes we feel a lot more gratitude than we ever reveal.

This seemed to be the case with our sharing group of six couples. Every time our pastor's name was mentioned somebody had a word of praise or gratitude for him. This happened week after week. Finally someone said, "Let's tell him how we feel." Everyone expressed enthusiasm for the idea. So, we decided to invite him and his wife to one of our homes for dinner.

After a fine meal and informal fellowship, we gathered in a circle in the living room. Each couple had written a letter of appreciation which was read aloud, then given to them. In addition, all twelve of LIS individually told why we were grateful for them, and how their ministry had affected our lives. One couple recalled how the pastor stopped by their

home and comforted them when they were deep in sorrow over their stillborn child. Another recalled our pastor's ...

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