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Winter : Power & Authority in the Church

Volume 1

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In this Issue
Leadership Forum: Power, Preaching & PrioritiesSubscriber Access Only
Authority. Power. They're seldom the same. In fact, like an iceberg, 7/8 of the danger and power lies submerged under the organizational chart.
The Ministry Can Be Hazardous to Your HealthSubscriber Access Only
God has not promised immunity to those who self-inflict physical and mental abuse for the sake of the kingdom.
Pastors’ Pay: Who Sets It and How?Subscriber Access Only
How can a fair, equitable salary for pastors be determined? Manfred Holck, Jr. gives some practical guidelines.
The Ministry’s Gordian KnotSubscriber Access Only
Alexander the Great slashed through his Gordian knot; pastors don't have that option. To lead, the pastor must serv. How does he confront this paradox?
Reflections of a Preacher’s KidSubscriber Access Only
You hear criticism about PKs resenting how they were raised and what it did to them. Tim Stafford looks at what his father did right.
A View from the SteepleSubscriber Access Only
Perceptions of a small church pastor.
The Local Church Who Works For Whom?Subscriber Access Only
What is the extent of the pastor's authority? Is he accountable to the member-volunteers or are they accountable to him?
Dissecting Sense from NonsenseSubscriber Access Only
Insights from a layman.
IDEAS THAT WORKSubscriber Access Only
How do you make a large church warm and personal? Donald Bubna has ten tips that work for him.
The Pastor & The BoardSubscriber Access Only
Discipleship is the mandate of the Great Commission. Where could a pastor more wisely begin to disciple than with his church board?
Principles Are the Bottom Line
Principles Are the Bottom Line
Warren Wiersbe shares insights that have guided his ministry for over a quarter of a century.
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