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Toward a Theology of Management

The pastor was late for the meeting. John Hammond, one of the newer members on the board, was using the occasion to express himself: "Why can't we run this church like a business? I don't see why we have so much trouble making a decision. Most of us around this table are businessmen and we don't have any trouble making decisions at work. Why does it take so long to come to a simple conclusion in a church meeting?"

Across town at Trinity Presbyterian Church, Harry Osborne, an engineer, was using a PERT chart to explain his proposal for a new fund raising system to an adult class. He was well into his presentation when Jack Andrews, who had been sitting rather glumly in the back row, exploded. "Harry, I've heard enough! What you're trying to do is drag all that management stuff into our church. I come to church to get away from the world. I have to put up with management jargon day after day at work. The church is no place for business charts. What we need around here is more time for praying ...

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