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Fall 1981: The Pastor''s Family

Volume 2

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In this Issue
The Story of Raising a Pastoral Family
An interview with David and Helen Seamands
Pastor's Kids, Ministering Children
Raising children in a ministry family has unique pressures and unique opportunities
Four Keys To Better Family Life
A pastor can have an effective ministry and have adequate time for his family too.
Do You Rate Your Family Too High?
Are the priorities of God, family, and job the right ones?
Reflections of a Christian Doctor
In an interview with LEADERSHIP, Swiss physician Paul Tournier comments on family, pastors, young people, and his life as a Christian counselor.
Preparing Parishioners For A Pastoral Visit
In many churches, pastoral visitation has fallen out of style, but there are ways to maintain its effectiveness.
Jim and Martha Reapsome write about their love for reading together.
A Survey of Ministers Wives
The wife of a minister for twenty years, Pat Valeriano takes the results of a LEADERSHIP survey of ministers' wives and comes to some intriguing conclusions about the joys and struggles these wives face.
The Pastor's Family
The Perfect Prodigal
A pator faced with debilitating personal problems takes the first step on the road to renewed life and ministry.
Beware The Prayer Simplifiers
Church leaders can't diminish the complexities of prayer; they can only be companions to those engaged in its difficulty.
The Private Times of the Public Minister
A church leader's private life is not second-class time; it's a chance to come apart and rest.
Common Sense Counseling
A layman offers useful insights on effective counseling.
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