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The Pastor's Family

Although most of the books written on this theme are concerned with the pastor's wife, several pertain to the relationship of the pastor to the entire family. Also refer back to the Fall 1980 issue (Pastoral Care and Counseling) for more general books on marriage and family.

Alexander, Olive J. Developing Spiritually Sensitive Children. Minneapolis: Bethany Fellowship, 1980. A handbook for child-rearing with a specific direction of cultivating love for God and openness to Jesus throughout childhood.

Bailey, Robert W. Coping With Stress in the Minister's Home. Nashville: Broadman Press, 1979. Scriptural and practical insights for dealing with the pressures brought upon the ministerial family.

Dahl, Gerald L. Why Christian Marriages Are Breaking Up. Nashville: Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1979 An up-to-date analysis of the crises occurring in Christian homes with a presentation of solutions. This will help ministers understand the tensions their own marriages are under.

Dodds, Elizabeth. Marriage ...

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