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Are You a Flexible Leader?

Effective church leaders mold their leadership style to meet the needs of their group.

Recently, I was called to work with a pastor A, and congregation in conflict. I arrived to discover a congregation at war. Several families had already left the congregation; many others were threatening to follow.

The church had no prior history of serious conflicts within its membership. The former pastor had served there for many years, leaving only because he had reached retirement.

The present pastor had served only three years at the time of my visit. During that time, however, the once-peaceful congregation had turned sour. Capable leaders couldn't agree on a remedy for the situation, but knew something had to be done if the church were to survive.

I spent two days meeting with dozens of people in private and group sessions. One message came through loud and clear: the leadership given by the new pastor was the primary focus of the conflict.

Nothing in the pastor's history indicated he would create problems. He had served only two churches prior to this one. In both instances he had ...

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