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Spring 1981: Money

Volume 2

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In this Issue
The Changing Focus of Church Finances
The Changing Focus of Church Finances
In our interview with the late Lyle Schaller, he identified ways churches can make wiser financial decisions.
Ministering To The Depressed
An estimated fifteen million Americans suffer from serious depression. Many are church members.
Clergy Compensation: A Survey of Leadership Readers
In what ways do pators and lay persons agree or disagree about pastors' compensation, their ability to cope financially, and their financial condition?
Keeping the choir interested.
A Budget Primer For Young Pastors
Applying several fundamental principles can take some of the uncertainty out of church finances.
Testing Staff Relationships in the High Sierras
A wilderness hike through the mountains taught one church staff some lessons about Christian commitment.
Are You a Flexible Leader?
Effective church leaders mold their leadership style to meet the needs of their group.
Trust: A Crucial Ingredient For Survival
A church leader's effectiveness can rise or fall with his relationships to members.
How To Feel Good About Your Stewardship Campaign
Asking church members to give money is not fundamentally different from making an altar call or encouraging a parishioner to read the Bible.
Alcoholics in the Church: What One Church Is Doing
When needs surface in a congregation it sometimes takes creative programs to meet them.
Gladys Hunt shares five books that are helping her in ministry.
The questions of good stewarship and responsible financial policies face pastor and layman alike. Five laymen talk about whay money and ministry go hand in hand.
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