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Haphazardly Intent: An Approach to Pastoring

An interview with Eugene Peterson

In his eighteen years as pastor of Christ Our King Church in Bel Air, Maryland, Eugene Peterson has done a lot of thinking about successful pastoring: What is it? Who does it? How is it done?

The answers? Gene doesn't know if there are hard and fast answers, but he agreed to talk about the problems in LEADERSHIP's interview. In the process we get glimpses of his successes and failures, his frustrations, satisfactions, and, yes, the continuing struggles. In short, we get a picture of the way he does it.

Gene developed his approach to pastoring from scriptural study (his new book, Five Smooth Stones for Pastoral Work, John Knox, illustrates his method) and personal experience.

Publisher Harold Myra, Editor Terry Muck, and Assistant Editor Dan Pawley found Gene particularly enlightening, not only for his ministerial strategies, but also for the personal aspects of his life. He's a man who reads mysteries, extracts theological insights from classic novels, runs marathons, and goes for long hikes ...

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