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Working With Volunteer Secretaries

It's been extremely helpful to have a coordinator for the volunteer secretaries. We have ten secretaries, two for each day, and each works five hours a week. Not all of them type, and only one takes shorthand, so our coordinator has posted the schedule of who covers what days. This allows the staff, who know which secretaries can type, to plan ahead for what they want done.

On Mondays the two secretaries take care of the needs of the nursery school. It's a big operation in terms of mimeographing, stencils, and telephone calls.

Tuesdays, the coordinator meets with me and we review what needs to be done that week. The next two secretaries do personal typing for me, handle the recording of the offering envelopes, and start to prepare the weekly church newsletter.

The volunteers on Wednesdays cut the stencils for the newsletters and prepare them for mailing.

There is only one volunteer who takes shorthand, so on Thursdays I usually have a lot of dictation for her.

Then on Fridays they put the Sunday ...

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