A Theology of Church Leadership
by Lawrence O. Richards and Clyde Hoeldtke Zondervan, $12.95
Reviewed by David Lim Academic Dean, Western Pentecostal Bible College, Clayburn, British Columbia Canada

Church leadership has been on a quest for identity over the past twenty years seeking the answers to several questions. Is there a truly biblical theology of leadership? Can modern management methods apply to church work? Is pragmatism the key test?- does it bring souls into the kingdom of God? Or, should we simply listen to what God tells us for our particular situations?

As church leaders from every social, economic, educational, and denominational background wrestled with these leadership questions, several intriguing ideas emerged.

Elton Trueblood (The Encourager) pictured the pastor as the coach of a team, enabling it to win the game. His joy came from watching his players develop ability and insight to fulfill their functions.

Findley Edge (The Greening of the Church) felt the church should ...

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