Organizing Volunteer Visitation

"Knowing your members are available for visitation is one thing," says Ron Norman, "but organizing and arranging for their contact is another ball-game."

Norman, pastor of Village Green Baptist Church in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, has developed a workable method for mobilizing laity for volunteer visitation.

He began by circulating small questionnaire cards in the church bulletin. The cards featured a short, motivational statement about the importance of visiting hospitalized individuals, church visitors, and inactive members. Two categories of information were sought: the type of visit, and a preferred visitation partner.

Under the first category he listed four choices: ¥ Sick and/or hospitalized :000 ¥ Church visitors

¥ Inactive members

¥ Special situations

The second category listed six choices:

¥ With spouse

¥ With another man

¥ With another woman

¥ With a youth

¥ With one of the pastors

¥ Alone

Members were then encouraged from the pulpit to indicate their interest in the visitation effort by checking ...

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